By far the most popular whip is the bullwhip. I offer bullwhips with braided handles and turned wooden handles. Each bullwhip is made from high quality 550 paracord and consists of 2 bellies and 16 plait overlays.

Classic Bullwhip

The Classic Bullwhip has a longer core strand, a longer part with bb's and ends in a 4 point fall hitch. 

This series is slightly heavier, slower and has an elegant roll out

5ft Neon Bull 2
6ft blue,Purple,Orange 2
6ft Classic Bullwhip neon



Performance Bullwhip

The new performance model has a fiberglass handle, which has a slight flexibility. Which speeds up the thong and supports faster crack combinations. It also reduces the overall weight of the whip. This and the special taper of this model with a twisted end and a loop for a easy fall attaching,  make it, alongside the Hybrid whip, the first choice for faster and more complex routines. 

6ft performance Bullwhip Adam 2
Performance Bullwhip 2
1.Bullwhip 1


Note! You can order this model with a 10 inch spring steel handle or with a 10 inch fiberglass handle!

Bullwhips with wooden handles

Padouk, bocote, brass


(the list only refers to the prices for the thong. The cost of the handles comes on top of that.)


NOTE! Since there are simply too many wood variations and decoration options, it is impossible to list all prices for every wooden handle. The prices for a basic handle without decorations like inlays range from €40-€80. The basic shape of the handle remains the same.

Woods that I recommend and use the most are

african padouk






hazel or walnut

black wood (grenadil)




optimal hold in a beautiful design


basic shape handle with a heel inlay

24 plait bullwhips

this is my newest creation which i have been working on and trying out for a long time. I am very proud of the result. My 24 plait bullwhips have 3 bellies and the roll out of this whips are simply fantastic. Right now I have great methods for building the 24 plait whips in the 6-8 foot range. Maybe more lengths will be added in the future

Custom-made available to order soon!

Classic 24 plait Bullwhips

These bullwhips have 3 bellies instead of 2, which makes rolling out even smoother. The fine whipmakers cord allows for finer and more detailed patterns

 NOTE! These whips take a little longer to work in!

24 plait 6ft black white 1
24 Strand-Bullwhip
7ft 24Strang


Wooden handle 24 pait bullwhips

6.8ft 24 plait ovengkol, padouk, vavona
24 Strand-Bullwhip wenge,vavona,bocote
24 plait green-black wenge-vavona,padouk

(the list only refers to the prices for the thong. The cost of the handles comes on top of that.)

Mixed bullwhip handles on requests

These are examples. For more detailed information about the extras click here

doppel heelinlay bocote-brass
rustic doppel heelinlay
7ft ebony 11
Geissel 3
double bocote-inlay
24 plait green-black 4