Whip extras


Inlays are on of the most eye-catcher on bullwhip handles. They are also a great passion of mine.

I offer the most diverse types of inlays, whether with different types of wood, multi-layer inlays or different materials such as epoxy or brass. And there will certainly be more. Prices are just a rough guide. Since pretty much any wood can be used for these extras, the price naturally also varies



Bocote/Brass smooth Bocote/Brass smooth


Structured Brass


Brass Ring/Bocote


Double Wood


Double outside-Vavona/Bocote


Inside/Outside Bocote


Epoxy Inlay



Structured Ferrule 20€ surcharge


Wooden Ferrule from 30€ surcharge



Leather Standard 0,-€


Aluminium disc 5€ surcharge


Epoxy Disc 15€ surcharge


Wooden disc from 30€ surcharge


Marmored Handles